2002 USATF National
Masters/Submasters Indoor T&F Championship 
Outstanding NJ Athlete Performances

In Boston, Massachusetts NJ Athletes showed success at the National Masters Indoor Track and Field Championship.  Greg Foster won 2 Golds and a Bronze. Jim Manno won two Golds and would have been an easy winner in the 60m, if he chose to run . Joe Johnson who won the 200m and got a Bronze in the 60m seems to be returning to the World Class form
that he displayed 4 years ago before suffering a string of injuries.  Alicia Kelly won the 3,000 and finished 2nd in the mile.
     Keith Royster won two Bronzes in the 200 and 400m.  Adam Gardner won a gold in the 200m and finished 4th. in the 400m. He is a new sub-master. Duncan Littlefield did his usual PV act with a gold. James Melton a new sub-master got a 2nd in the Pentathlon ,third in the TJ and 4th.in the LJ. Enrick Warner 50, Robert Abdullah 40, and Eddie Harris 55 won silver in the TJ, LJ and HJ respectively. Mike Kairis 30 and Harry Nolan 55 were both 2nd. in the mile. David Rosenthal 60 took the Bronze in the TJ and finished 4th in the 200.  For complete results of New Jersey Athletes, click below.

    USATF-NJ Women's Results                                                                                USATF-NJ Men's Results

A special thanks to David Rosenthal for compiling these results.