New Balance North Jersey Individual Grand Prix
Rules & Regulations
(Revised 06/25/07)

The first Long Distance Running Grand Prix was held in 1992 and quickly caught on with New Jersey runners. From 1994 through 1999 the Midland Run was the title sponsor. In 2000 New Balance of North Jersey became the title sponsor.

I. Requirements for Athletes

A. The athlete must be a current member of the New Jersey Association of USATF in order to score in any NBGP event. Athletes that live outside the geographical boundary of the New Jersey association are allowed to join New Jersey with written approval from the association in their geographical area. Athletes may belong to only one association.

B. In order to score NBGP points in any NBGP event, the athlete must enter his/her current, valid USATF number in the space provided on the event's entry form. Substitute numbers or phrases such as "yes" or "have it but left it home" may cause the athlete's performance to be excluded in the NBGP scoring.

II. Requirements for NBGP Events

A. All long distance running events held within the state of New Jersey are eligible, including road and cross country.  Trail events are excluded.

B. The event must be sanctioned by USATF-NJ, including signing of the USATF Trademark sublicense agreement.

C. The course must be certified by the Road Running Technical Council of USATF prior to the running of the event. Under special circumstances, the course certification requirement may be waived or altered by the LDR committee.

D. The event organizers must include the following required items on the official race entry form:

1.      The appropriate NBGP Insignia in the required size as indicated by USATF-NJ. The size may not be reduced.

2.      The point value of the race must be printed immediately below the NBGP Insignia. If an event offers multiple races, the point values for each event must be made clear. Identifying the distance Category is encouraged.

3.      A clearly positioned and indicated line for "[current year] USATF-NJ #" (with optional line "Required for NBGP-NJ Grand Prix scoring") printed below it. This line must be long enough to allow registrants to fill in a ten-digit number.

4.      A line for "Date of Birth" in addition to "Age on Day of Race."

5.      A pre-entry deadline that is no more than 10 days before the event date.

E. The LDR Grand Prix Agreement must be submitted no later than 120 days prior to the event to the USATF-NJ with the appropriate fee.

F. Copies of all press releases, media coverage, and all printed materials must be submitted to the USATF-NJ office.

G. Complete results must be submitted to the USATF-NJ office within one week after the event. These must include a listing of all finishers by place, including times and a clear system for identifying which participants were current USATF-NJ member athletes. Events employing the services of either CompuScore, Elite, BEST, or Lin-Mark computer scoring companies are assumed to be responsible for submitting results directly to the grand prix scoring firm, as these companies are automatic participants in the NBGP scoring system. However, Race Directors are ultimately responsible to see that their results are submitted by the firms hired to do scoring.

III. NBGP Scoring

A. The "point value" of any NBGP event indicates the number of points awarded to the first finisher of each sex. The point value awarded to the last finisher is indicated in parentheses.

1.      400 (50) point races are NBGP non-championship events that do not offer $2 pre-entry discounts to USATF-NJ members.

2.      500 (100) point races are NBGP non-championship events that offer $2 pre-entry discounts to USATF-NJ members.

3.      700 (200) point races are USATF-NJ LDR Championship events. Championship events offer $2 pre-entry discounts to USATF-NJ members.

4.      All USATF-NJ Cross Country Championships will have a point value of 700 (300)

5.      A title sponsor may request a high point value of 800 (200) points for a race of their choosing, currently the Liberty Waterfront Half Marathon race has a high point value of 800.

6.      The USATF-NJ Ten Mile Championship is designated as a Wild Card race in regards to points. Runners can choose to be scored in the race as either a 700 point championship race, an 800 point championship race, or a 500 point non-championship race. Runners who do not designate which point value they choose on the race application will automatically be assigned to the 700 point race.  Only one 800 point race is allowed.

B. The point value of an event indicates the number of points that will be awarded to the first male and female finisher in the event.   Points shall then be awarded to all finishers in a race regardless of membership in USATF-NJ on a descending scale down to the minimum point value for that event, separately for men and women, which shall be proportionate to the number of finishers in the event.   Only those finishers who are members of USATF-NJ and in the appropriate age groups will be tallied for purposes of scoring in the grand prix.

C. NBGP participants may compete in an unlimited number of NBGP events during the year. Final NBGP scoring for the year is determined by nine events in which the participant has scored his/her highest point values. These nine events are limited as follows:

1.      A maximum of three from Category I (4 miles down to 3km)

2.      A maximum of three from Category II (over 4 miles up to but not including 15km)

3.      A maximum of three from Category III (15km and above)

4.      Within each of the categories, a maximum of two championships may be scored with the third score being a non-championship event.

5.      In order to have his/her points counted in the end-of-the-year scoring, the athlete must have competed in a minimum of three NBGP events.

6.      Athletes must choose which point value they wish to be scored in at the USATF-NJ Ten Mile Championship; 700 points, 800 points or 500 points. If the point value is not selected, 700 points will be the automatic default. Only one 800 point race is allowed.

7.      Where an event features a simultaneous start for more than one race, an athlete may be scored in only one race.

D. NBGP scoring shall be done separately and equally for men and women and all runners will be listed in the Overall scoring. However, Age Divisions will be from 14 to 34 for females and 16 to 34 for males in accordance with national rules regarding the conduct of LDR events.  The age divisions continue with 35 to 39, 40 to 44, and on up through 95 to 99 in five year age divisions. The top Overall scorer will be recognized for being the winner of the grand prix regardless of his and her age division.

First Place overall male and female will win five hundred dollars.

Second Place overall male and female will win three hundred dollars.

Third Place overall male and female will win two hundred fifty dollars.


The top three will be removed from their age division at the end of the competitive season for purposes of determining age group prize money winners.


Age Division First Place male and female is $200.00.

Age Division Second Place male and female is $125.00.

Age Division Third Place male and female is $100.00.


To be eligible for prize money an athlete must have completed at least six grand prix races with at least one race in each distance category.  If an athlete fails to complete the prize money requirements, his place remains the same and no athlete moves up.


E. NBGP scoring for any given event is subject to USATF Rules of Competition, including the appropriate rules for pacing, course cutting, and disqualification.

F. Masters Athletes who change age groups during a calendar year:

1.      An athlete's age on January 1 will determine his/her NBGP age group for that entire year, except as otherwise permitted in F.2 below.

2.      An athlete who changes age-groups after Jan 1 during any calendar year may be scored in his/her NEW age group for that year ONLY if he/she request, in writing to the USATF-NJ office, PRIOR to January 1 of the competitive year, that his/her name be moved into the new age group as of his/her birthday that year. In so doing, the athlete understands and agrees that his/her total NBGP scoring for the year will not begin until his/her birthday.

3.      The above policy applies only to NBGP scoring, not to individual and team Masters Championship placing in any race.  Masters place in their age division according to their age on race day.

G. NBGP scoring ties: All NBGP scoring ties shall stand as they are except for the year end first place Overall, first place for both men and women in all age group divisions. For these positions, ties shall be broken as follows:

1.      The three best USATF-NJ Championship placings (or as many as necessary) shall be compared until the tie is broken.

2.      Only the championship placings of the division in question will be compared. For example if breaking a tie for number one Open woman, only Open women's championships will be used.

IV. Procedures, Protest, Appeals

1.      All matters of interpretation of NBGP rules shall be submitted to the LDR committee for decision.

2.      Protests must be filed in writing to the USATF-NJ office, within thirty (30) days of the posting of the NBGP series standings on the USATF-NJ web-site. The NBGP Appeals Committee shall consist of the three LDR Chairs and three LDR Vice-Chairs with the LDR Division Chair serving as tie-breaker, if necessary.

3.      Appeals of year-end final NBGP standings must be filed in writing to the USATF-NJ office, within thirty (30) days of the posting of the NBGP series final results on the USATF-NJ web-site.

Two Mini-Series were added in 2003.

While still scoring in the New Balance Grand Prix, runners can also score in two Mini-Series using the NBGP scoring system:

Category One: 3K to four miles - score a total of nine races, with a maximum of three championship scores.

Category Two: Over four miles up to but not including 15K - score a total of seven races, with a maximum of three championship scores.

In both Mini-Series, age divisions will be the same as in the Overall New Balance Grand Prix. At season's end, only those who have completed nine races for Category One, and seven races for Category Two will be listed and ranked.

New in 2006 - Participation Grand Prix.     All scores for members with no limit on the number of races being scored will be tallied as an exhibition grand prix in 2006.  The top ten male and female finishers will be recognized.