Liberty Waterfront Club Grand Prix

Encompassing Team and Overall Club Championships.

The Team Grand Prix was first contested in 1997. It was an instant hit with the long distance running clubs. In 2001 the Liberty Waterfront Half Marathon became the title sponsor and a new category - the Overall Club grand prix was added. It was designed to provide competition across all categories for clubs that may not have elite open teams, but do have a wide range of age division members.  Enhancements have been added for 2003.

Rules & Regulations (revisions posted on 9-30-05 & 4-3-03)

I. Requirements for Clubs

A. Clubs must be valid registered clubs of USATF-NJ

B. Scoring members of a club must be valid USATF-NJ members and valid members of their club. Athletes may belong to more than one USATF-NJ club but may compete for only one of those clubs. Athletes may choose to compete for a different club at any time in the competitive year, but may not run for another club for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date that they last competed on their former team. During the 90 day period the athlete is free to compete in championships and other races as an unattached athlete. The 90 day wait period can be waived with the written permission of the team captain or club president of the former team.

II. Scoring

A. Events designated as the Championship race for a distance will automatically include a team championship. The Liberty Waterfront Club Grand Prix will have the following team categories at the designated USATF-NJ championship event:

1. Open Men and Open Women

2. Masters 40-49 Men and Women

3. Masters 50-59 Men and Women

4. Masters 60-69 Men and Women

5. Masters 70+ Men and Women


B. Clubs may field any number of teams. On or before race day, teams may declare up to the following number of runners. To be scored teams must have the indicated number of finishers:

1. Open Men: Declare 8, Score 5

2. Open Women: Declare 5, Score 3

Exception: cross country Open Women declare 8, score 5.

3. Masters Men 40-49 and 50-59: Declare 8, Score 5

4. Masters Women (all ages): Declare 5, Score 3

5. Masters Men 60-69 and 70+: Declare 5, Score 3


C. Teams are declared by fully completing a Team Declaration form.  Teams can often be declared on-line to when the pre-registered runners are posted at  Potential runners who are not pre-registered may not be declared but will be allowed to be added to the team on race day.  Forms must be completed and turned in to the USATF representative 15 minutes before the start of competition.

D. The finishing times of the scoring team members are added together. The team with the lowest overall time wins. (except cross country when place is used for Open Men and Women)

E.  Open Men, Open Women and Masters Men 40 Teams are scored in LDR Championship races in their division using the following point system:

1. First place team: 10 points

2. Second place team: 8 points

3. Third place team: 6 points

4. Fourth place team: 5 points

5. Fifth place team: 4 points

6. Sixth place team: 3 points

7. Seventh place team: 2 points

8. Eighth place team; 1 point

Masters Men 50 and Masters Men 60 and Women 40 and Women 50*:

1. First place team: 8 points

2. Second place team: 6 points

3. Third place team: 4 points

4. Fourth place team: 3 points

5. Fifth place team: 2 points

6. Sixth place team: 1 points

Masters Women 60, Masters Women 70+, and Masters Men 70+:

1. First place team: 5 points

2. Second place team: 3 points

3. Third place team: 1 points


F. Exception: In Cross country events, Open Teams are scored by counting the places of their scoring members. Only Open team members are counted toward determining place. Unattached athletes or athletes on incomplete teams are eliminated from the scoring. [See Rule 7, in the USATF rulebook for complete Team Scoring rules.] Masters teams are scored by total time of their scoring members.

G. Masters athletes may compete in a maximum of two different team divisions; either two age divisions or one age division and one Open.

H. Teams drop the lowest score for the year-end total.

I.  Two points will be added to each scoring teams score in both cross country championships and in the Liberty Waterfront Half Marathon.

J. Teams must complete a minimum of three races to be eligible for final grand prix standings.

K. Ties are broken by the total number of each teams' Championship wins. If a tie remains it will be broken by the head-to-head record against each other in all Championships in which both teams participated. If still tied the title will be shared.

L. The scoring to determine the Overall Club Title takes the total of all the club’s team points across all divisions, including A, B, or C teams for an aggregate year end total. The club with the most total points wins.


*Revised - Women 50 added to 8-6-4-3-2-1 point scoring and removed from 5-3-1 scoring after Feb. 7, 2005 LDR meeting when the motion passed.