TO:                  Mid-Atlantic Association Board of Directors and New Jersey Association Board of Directors

FROM:             Dr. Walter M. High, Chair, Member Services Committee, USATF
DATE:             December 15, 2002
RE:                  Petition to change association boundaries

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Member Services Committee by USATF Bylaw 6-A-4, the Committee has by unanimous vote, held on December 6, 2002 in Kansas City, Missouri, determined and ordered that the Mid-Atlantic Association and the New Jersey Associations shall exercise joint jurisdiction over the seven New Jersey counties that are currently within the boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Association.  This joint jurisdiction will be in force for the two-year accreditation period of January 2003 through December 2004.  Under this order, all athletes residing in the seven New Jersey counties in question and all clubs based in the same seven counties may elect to join either the Mid-Atlantic Association or the New Jersey Association as they wish.  Those athletes joining USATF through the on-line registration system who do not designate their choice of association will be prompted by the USATF National Headquarters to designate an association for membership.

The Member Services Committee will conduct a hearing on the New Jersey Association’s request to move the seven counties in question into the New Jersey Association.  This hearing will be held at the 2003 USATF Annual Meeting in Greensboro, NC.  The Committee requests both the New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic Associations be prepared to submit any documentation that they wish the Committee to consider in its deliberations to the Member Services Committee Chair, prior to May 1, 2003.   The Committee may then request a clarification of assertions in the documentation or may submit questions to either association to be answered in writing prior to October 1, 2003.  The Committee will provide each association with copies of all documentation considered by the Committee.  Both the Mid-Atlantic and New Jersey Associations should be prepared to make a 30 minute oral presentation to the Member Services Committee at the Greensboro hearing.

It is the intention of the Committee to render a final decision on the governance of the seven counties in question at the USATF 2003 Annual Meeting.  The order will take effect at the beginning of the 2005 calendar year, upon expiration of the two-year period of joint jurisdiction.  The final decision of the Member Services Committee may be appealed to a National Athletics Board of Review (NABR) panel in accordance with Regulation 15-A-3 (b) and (c), by either party, within sixty (60) days of the issuance of the decision.  Such an appeal must be filed with the USATF National Headquarters and the USATF Secretary (with a copy to Andy Martin, Manager, Associations Services).