2007 USATF-New Jersey Awards Banquet

The 16th Annual USATF New Jersey Awards Banquet is being held on January 19, 2008, at the Pines Manor in Edison, New Jersey. 

Information & reservations - Early reservations due by January 5th.  All reservations are due by January 12th.  NO reservations can be accepted after January 12th.  No email or faxed reservations will be accepted.

Directions to the Banquet - Click on Contact, then Directions.

After the banquet, be sure to check out the photos on Tiger Paw Images!

Raffle Prize Tickets advance purchase
If you would like to donate items for our very popular raffle, please contact Pam at the USATF-NJ office at: usatfnj@usatfnj.org  

Banquet Program Ad form - Send in an electronic version of your Ad to the office (usatfnj@hotmail.com) by January 7th.  Sorry, but due to printing deadlines this date will not be extended.

Award winners - Check back here often to see if you will be winning an award!
If your name appears on any of the lists below, a letter and award winner banquet reservation information was mailed to you from USATF-NJ on Friday, December 14th.  If you do not receive it by December 19th, please call the office:  973-334-8900.  

If your name is misspelled on any of these lists, please let the office know immediately!  Your name on your award will be spelled exactly as it is on these lists unless you tell us otherwise.

    Youth Athlete of the Year
    Open Track & Field Athlete of the Year
    Masters Track & Field Grand Prix
    USATF-NJ Long Distance Running New Balance Grand Prix - Individual
    USATF-NJ Long Distance Running Mini 1 Grand Prix
    USATF-NJ Long Distance Running Mini 2 Grand Prix
    USATF-NJ LDR Club/Team Grand Prix

E-mail or call the office if you have any questions about the banquet:  usatfnj@hotmail.com or 973-334-8900.

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